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Pre-Drywall Inspection

New Charlotte Home Inspections is a Charlotte, NC home inspection company.

Professional home inspection for your most prized possession: Your Home


Charlotte Home Inspection You Can Trust

You may think that a new home is a perfect home, but that is not the case. It is very important to have a pre-drywall inspection on your new build! This is the turning point in the home building process when costs for changing anything can go from minor to major. When the bones of the house are exposed it presents a unique opportunity to get an in depth look at how everything has been constructed and to make sure that it has been done properly.


Issues that go undetected early in the process can cause major problems in the future and may be challenging to correct. A qualified home inspector can identify these issues which can save you money! The investment you put into your new home can be protected by the insight and reassurance you gain from a pre-dry wall inspection.

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