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Pre-Listing Inspection

New Charlotte Home Inspections is a Charlotte, NC home inspection company.

Professional home inspection for your most prized possession: Your Home


As a seller, you know that the potential buyers of your property are likely going to have a home inspection conducted before they agree to purchase the property. Beating them to the punch and getting a pre-listing home inspection can offer significant advantages to sellers; the biggest, is finding out the exact condition of the property.

A fear of most sellers and real-estate agents is that when the buyer does get the home inspected, something will be discovered that kills the sale. By having a pre-listing home inspection completed before hitting the market, you will not only find out the exact condition of your home, but you will also be able to:

  • Price your home more accurately

  • Minimize your stress of worrying that something major comes up and needs to be repaired last minute

  • Reduce the likelihood of negotiations as your buyer’s confidence will be increased knowing you have had an inspection done and made necessary repairs before putting it on the market

  • Make your agents job easier so your house should sell quickly and for top dollar.

Charlotte Home Inspection You Can Trust

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