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11th Month Warranty Inspection

New Charlotte Home Inspections is a Charlotte, NC home inspection company.

Professional home inspection for your most prized possession: Your Home


We Value your Time and Money

Did you know your new home build warranty will usually expire within the first year after closing? An 11th-Month or Builder Warranty Inspection can prevent out-of-pocket expenses from mistakes made in the original construction of your home. 


As the owner of a newly constructed home you may be under the impression that nothing can go wrong because it’s new. This thinking is misguided, and the truth is that many things can go wrong. Some issues might have been obvious during the first few months of occupancy, but there are often many hidden defects that the average homeowner does not have the experience or knowledge to find.

Getting your home inspected before the end of the 12-month warranty period is your final opportunity to identify and inform your builder of any items that need to be repaired or replaced. We will provide you will a comprehensive report, so you have knowledge and detailed documentation to discuss any problems regarding the quality of materials or workmanship with your home builder and be compensated accordingly.

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