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"These gentlemen are thorough, honest, and very knowledgeable. They distinguish between what are true concerns and things that are cosmetic and may not be a concern. Very professional and great people skills."

—  Bill K.

"Great customer service and attention to detail. My clients are always happy using this company. Also, the inspection report layout is very easy to read and informative."

—  Kayla R.


The best home inspection service in Charlotte and surrounding areas.

The New Charlotte Home Inspection team carefully inspects every room with meticulous care and attention to detail. We take time to complete a full and thorough visual inspection of your entire home. At New Charlotte Home Inspections, we guarantee that your home inspection will be completed within 72 hours of your initial appointment call.


Aaron Scott


License Number: #4213

North Carolina General Contractor’s License: #85758


I was born and raised here in North Carolina and am happy to call Charlotte home.  Integrity in my work and care for people was instilled in me from a young age.  I have

always had an immense appreciation and love for working

with my hands, finding out how things tick, and achieving satisfaction in a job well done.  These qualities allowed

me to finish first in my class for AHIT Home

Inspection Certification.


Christian Scott

Lead Inspector -

Aaron's Dad and Right Hand Man

License Number: #4212


After working for UPS Freight for 31 years,

I am finally doing what I really love!  I am not one to sit still, so after my first retirement, I have had the privilege of moving to Charlotte, becoming an AHIT Certified Home Inspector, and working with my oldest son.


AHIT Trained & Certified

The New Charlotte Home Inspection team is certified and trained by AHIT. With incredibly high standards and extensive hands-on hours in training, the New Charlotte Home Inspection team is truly one of the most reliable and knowledgeable Home Inspectors in the market.


Proud Partner of SPECTORA

Spectora is web-based & mobile-friendly, with interactive home inspection reports that emphasize what's important. With a clean layout, high-def photos, embedded video, easy navigation, automated summaries, and agent tools it allows the New Charlotte Home Inspection to team provide our clients with the best reports available.



Tel:  (980) 616-8290


Serving Charlotte, NC



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